Novoltex, company appreciated in the whole world for more than 30 years, has been a true Italian style studio in spite of the French origin of its conduction.

Its role is the publication and the diffusion of forecast swatch collections, trend and style books for menswear, woman wear, dress, casual shirt, knit wear, jacquard and garment for the clothes industry.

Its main objective is to try as close as possible to anticipate the fashion tends through a scrupulous analysis and a precise selection of the protagonists and leading themes of the fashion "made in Italy" which is today, still the world leader in the sector.

The preview contents of the collections are an essential source of inspiration to exploit also means of perceiving in a clear and useful way the future fashion trend, the orientation of the colours, fabrics and styles of each season.

The craftsmen and limited production make possible to publish well targeted trend collections, distributed by accredited agents in more than 30 countries and present at several international textile exhibitions.

The dynamic services are eventually tighten by the possibility of coming in Biella (Italy) to consult in quietness the evolution of the fashion style of the past years and the dialogue with a qualified personnel.

Novoltex srlus

Via Piave 17, 13900 Biella (BI) Italy
tel +39 015 403947 / +39 015 8491074

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